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2008 Charlotte Conference Report
Some comments by attendees.

I did not want to let the end of March pass without thanking you for the wonderful time that I had at the Charlotte AWA meet.  This was my third year at the meet.  I enjoyed the first two so much that, even though I transferred from Virginia to South Florida last fall, I felt compelled to return.  The talks, meals, flea market, auction (I bought six lots) and hotel were all first rate.  Each year, the Charlotte meet is a great "short getaway" vacation that refreshes my interest in radio history.  I occasionally organize professional society luncheon meetings and can only imagine the amount of volunteer labor that it takes to organize the Charlotte meet.  I look forward to next year

Neil D. Friedman N3DF

I just wanted to say one more time - what a great time Sherry and I had there in NC.  You folks sure know how to make a Yankee carpet bagger feel at home.  The show was excellent, the food great, the contest fun, the fleamarket rewarding and the auction was the best-ever.  I hope you all caught up on your sleep.

You are a great bunch and work together very well.  Can't wait 'till next year.

73, John Dilks, K2TQN
QTH = 600 miles from Charlotte.


as per usual, the Charlotte swap was great, even though it was on Easter  weekend!

Saw John Hagman there, fresh from Vermont,  Ernie Nagy who is our star MARC publicity man with wife Marilyn coming back from FL heading to Michigan...
Marc Palmquist the dial cover maker,  Eddie Brimer,  Bruce Mager from Waves, and of course,  "The Boss",   Ron Lawrence...  looking much better from last year's bad back problems.    Many others too numerous to mention.  The flea market was as full as ever.,.  with very fierce buying on Friday morning. Sadly, the auction schedule and Good Friday shut the flea market down sharply by noon.  Saturday was a great weather day, even warmer, and there was a good amount of activity too.   My suggestion is to have the auction on Saturday...  it doesnt hurt the flea market then... and, it makes the
auction a "last chance" play for both the seller and the buyer... as we do in Michigan, it seems to work better.

I sold fairly well,  being the only capacitor vendor, and the largest knob seller.  I never got out all the repro dials, didn't have the table space, but I sold one anyway since someone knew to ask if I had them.  I also did a seminar on speaker repair and dial lamps.   I did get the TERK AM loop antennas back in stock and now they are only $35 +  $5 post  if anyone is
wondering.  Had a Zenith 500H to demonstrate how they work by inductive coupling.  Sold a lot of AC cords too.

this is the largest antique electronics show in the south by far, and well worth the trip if you are anywhere within reachable distance of Charlotte...
make a point to get there if you can.

Mark Oppat

Lisa Miller, WFAE's intrepid reporter trying on a pair of antique headphones at the 2008 Charlotte Show
Robert Lozier and Debbie Cleary working in the registration tent.
These FleaMarket photos were taken by John "Hagstar" Hagman
Photo by Clare Owens
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Many thanks to all these people that worked to help make this event possible.
Everyone worked their tails off this year with the huge estate auction we took on at the last minute.
Their names are listed in no particular order,
I hope I didn't leave anyone out.

Robert Lozier, Ernie Hite, Stephen Brown, R.L. & Linda Barnett, Geoff Bourne, Clare Owens, Kirk Cline, Louie Scribner, Barker & Judy Edwards, Mark & Debbie Cleary, Ralph & Jennifer Bartlett, Lee Gentry, and my wife Belinda Lawrence.
A special thanks goes to our auctioneer Brad Jones. Brad has been running our auctions for more than 10 years and does a great job.

I’d also like to thank the staff at the Sheraton. I know it’s just a business and they’re just doing their jobs, but in my opinion they really went the extra mile to help us make this a great event.

Thanks again to everyone.

Ron Lawrence
Charlotte conference chairman